5 Reasons Why The Bunker Is One Of The Best Escape Room Games Ever!

Have you and your team ever wanted to know what it’s like to work in one of the most TOP SECRET facilities Chattanooga has to offer? Look no further, than The Bunker.  Here are FIVE reasons why The Bunker should be your next escape room outing!

Keep in mind, though, this one is no joker! There are sure to be a puzzle to challenge even the toughest escape-room aficionado!

1.  Key Card Entry

There’s nothing more official than door locks that open with your official, (non) government issued I.D., right? You worked hard for your place in the Air Force, why not relish in all the access to Top Secret information you’re going to get?  That’s right, everyone in The Bunker gets a military ID.

2.  You’re underground!

They say the best temperatures are underground. There’s nothing like escaping the summer heat or taking shelter from the cold down below in our stalactite-filled escape room. Now it’s up to you to find all of the secrets the Air Force has built in the facility to stop the launch before it’s too late!

3.  What!? There’s an earthquake?!

Usually, this isn’t a good thing. But, with our state-of-the-art simulation, there’s nothing like transporting you into the story than an actual simulation of an earthquake! Put your hardhats on and watch out for those falling rocks!   …does anyone know how to draw an earthquake?  Oh well.

4.  You get to hit the big red button.

Hey, it’s not spoiling anything if you knew it existed from the beginning! There’s nothing better than all of your hard work paying off in the end when you get to hit that big red abort button and stop the launch. But wait, there’s more… Did somebody say something about radiation?!

5.  The Bunker has 7 different zones/rooms.

Let’s see… there’s the first room you start in. Then there’s the Communications Room, the Storeroom/Annex, the War Room, the Decontamination Room, and a few more secret rooms you’ll have to discover for yourself. There’s plenty to explore in The Bunker.

Come check out The Bunker and see what everyone in the escape community has been talking about!  Side note: The Escape Couple gave it 5/5 Stars and you can read their review here https://escapecouple.com/the-bunker-chattanooga-tn/