5 Reasons To Book Your Office Holiday Party At Escape Experience

Anything play-like makes for great holiday fun, but when something gets your whole team belly laughing together – that’s an office holiday party at Escape Experience. Book your holiday party with us before December 1st and receive 15% off all bookings of 10+ people.  Need a few more reasons to bring your team to Escape Experience? Here are five reasons we think you’ll love.

1.  Tales of adventure!

There are water cooler stories, and then there are water cooler legends. Like the time the sales team worked together to stop the zombie apocalypse. Or the time the folks from accounting broke into their uncle’s time-travel-lab and solved the mysteries of the space-time continuum. With five different exciting adventures to choose from, a trip to Escape Experience this holiday season will be the story everyone wants to tell.

2.  A great social mixer.

These experiences are great for helping new folks quickly get to know everyone else. And the social mixing happens so naturally, you won’t even notice you’re doing it. Our escape room games offer an unusually immersive and interactive space that shuffles the normal social patterns of your team’s culture. Your co-workers, their plus-ones, and those guys from IT, will all start mixing and mingling as you explore the secret rooms you’ll find together and work to solve each problem.

3.  No time for awkwardness.

We all know how weird and awkward it can feel when forced to socialize with our co-workers outside of the safe and familiar hierarchical office environment. But when there are no cubicles to protect us from each other, we’re left with no choice but to attempt to small talk and conversate like friends. Awkward…

At Escape Experience, your team will immediately attack the awkward monster and break the ice right over its head. When you get thrown into one of our high stakes scenarios there’s no time for awkward silent pauses or conversations about nothing because everyone is involved in an exciting mission. The “awkward” socializing problem is solved — and the best part? No alcohol was required. Now everything else that comes afterward is easy. You can still get drunk later if you want to, but it will be better now because there will be funny stories to tell.

4.  Shared mementos!

Once you’ve worked together to escape the mob by jumping off the back of a runaway train, there’s no going back! You now share an unbreakable bond with the people that you survived that experience with.  You’re practically related now, we’ll help you document your family experiences together.  When you book a “team-building” group experience with us we’ll snap pictures of your team while you’re all inside our escape rooms, and we’ll take a victory group photo on your way out.  Now you’ll have some fun family photos to hang in the break room.

5.  Everyone is included!

An escape room game is an exciting adventure that is challenging and heart-pumping, and yet, no real danger is ever present. How many people can say they escaped from prison without ever being in any real danger? Unlike physical activities such as sports or outdoor recreation, or just going to a bar, the Escape Experience is appropriate for anyone young or old. Plus, there are no physical fitness requirements to participate in the fun. No matter your ability or previous knowledge, whether you’re the math geek, the finding fiend, or just the casual observer, everyone can participate in these fun memorable experiences.