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Our Digital Adventures are multiplayer online escape rooms that use pre-recorded video game character actions and FMV digital gaming technologies to deliver the best on-demand shared escape room experience available.  With no need for scheduling, you can purchase now and play anytime.

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The thrill and challenge of a real escape room, fully digital – 100% online!

What’s a Digital Adventure?

  • Control the actions of your video game character’s hands with full-motion video (FMV) technology.
  • Change your character’s point of view (POV) by clicking the left or right arrows icons.
  • View your timer and scroll through your inventory to inspect clues and interact with puzzles and locks.
  • Monitor your game progress bar to visualize the percent completed of your adventure.
  • Trigger pre-recorded game character actions by clicking hotspots that overlay points of interest.
  • See each other’s mouse cursors and actions in real-time giving a sense of togetherness and collaboration.
  • Drag and drop items onto specific areas. Objects instantly appear in your character’s hands to use.
  • Accumulate “Star Points” by accomplishing key tasks such as unlocking locks or revealing secrets.
  • Play side by side with the video chat platform of your choice to create an epic DIY team building event.
Virtual Escape Rooms Explained

Our advanced game dashboard and inventory system, paired alongside Zoom (or similar platform) offers you and your team the most engaging and immersive shared virtual escape room experience available anywhere online.

You are just minutes away from playing the digital versions of our actual onsite escape rooms!

Getting Started

Step One

Purchase a game activation key URL to get started. Your key will be sent to the email address you provide at checkout.
Click here to select an adventure and purchase your key.

Online Escape Rooms Explained

Step Two

Click on your activation key URL to load your game. Enter your name in the form field and press ‘play”. The names and mouse cursors of each player appear in real-time as they join.

Online Escape Rooms Explained

Step Three

After pressing “Start” each player will be placed inside a brief training tutorial. Follow the prompts to learn everything you’ll need to know about how to play together online.

Online Escape Rooms Explained

Step Four

The 60 minutes countdown begins as soon as you press the big green start button. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to play through the entire game even if you fail to escape in time.

Online Escape Rooms Explained

Choose from our growing library of Online Escape Room adventures!

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Is there an age limit?2023-08-08T14:59:50-04:00

No, not really. Participants that are 14 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult when they arrive but are not required to have one in the experience with them. We recommend and design our escape experience scenarios for participants that are 12 years old and up. Younger participants may not completely understand all the puzzles and are more likely to have an enjoyable time with an adult present.

Is internet access required to play?2023-06-14T14:57:46-04:00

Yes. These games are played 100% online so the only way to access them is with an internet connection.

How is this different from a normal escape room?2023-06-14T15:27:10-04:00

At its core, online escape rooms are just like our onsite experiences, but 100% online. Reminiscent of the classic “point and click” games of the past, our Digital Adventures are our next generation of games that you can play with anyone across the globe.

Do games ever expire?2023-08-09T12:18:49-04:00

Your game key URL will NEVER expire until you click the “Play” button. However, clicking the “Play” button will initiate a 48 hour count down clock. Once the 48 hours have completed, then the game key URL will no longer be playable.

How many people can play at one time?2023-08-09T12:23:29-04:00

Every game purchase will be provided with a Game Key URL. This Game Key URL will allow up to 10 players per game. If multiple Game Key URLs are purchased, then number of players can be expansional!

Will we be provided a Zoom link?2023-08-09T12:30:55-04:00

No, we do not provide a Zoom link with our game. However we highly encourage teams to create and use their preferred video communication software.

Do we need to schedule a game?2023-08-09T12:32:40-04:00

You do not! When purchasing our Online Adventure, you will be provided with a Game Key URL that NEVER expires! You can purchase an Online Adventure and any time and play it whenever is most convenient for you or your team!

What if we are stuck and need a hint?2023-08-09T12:38:04-04:00

If you are stuck on a puzzle, no worries! Every puzzle or lock will have a button that will allow you to ask for a hint. This will need to be agreed upon by your entire team and once the hint is asked for, you will receive a clue in your inventory items. It is important to note that every hint you ask for will remove 3 minutes from your score time, so use them wisely!

How long do we have to play?2023-08-09T12:36:46-04:00

Once the Game Key URL is activated, players will have 1 hour to complete the game. However, if this time expires and you are unable to escape, an additional 47 hours will be added to ensure you and your team can experience the entire adventure!

Interested in a LIVE Remote Virtual Game instead? Play with one of our LIVE operatives!

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