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LIVE Remote Experiences

Our Remote Experiences are virtual escape rooms hosted LIVE and on-site. Play together in our virtual escape rooms from anywhere in the world with our LIVE hosts who are actually locked inside Escape Experience’s real escape rooms.

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What’s a Digital Adventure?

  • Control the actions of your video game character’s hands with full-motion video (FMV) technology.
  • Change your character’s point of view (POV) by clicking the left or right arrows icons.
  • View your timer and scroll through your inventory to inspect clues and interact with puzzles and locks.
  • Monitor your game progress bar to visualize the percent completed of your adventure.
  • Trigger pre-recorded game character actions by clicking hotspots that overlay points of interest.
  • See each other’s mouse cursors and actions in real-time giving a sense of togetherness and collaboration.
  • Drag and drop items onto specific areas. Objects instantly appear in your character’s hands to use.
  • Accumulate “Star Points” by accomplishing key tasks such as unlocking locks or revealing secrets.
  • Play side by side with the video chat platform of your choice to create an epic DIY team building event.
Virtual Escape Rooms Explained

Our advanced game dashboard and inventory system, paired alongside Zoom (or similar platform) offers you and your team the most engaging and immersive shared virtual escape room experience available anywhere online.

When you play a LIVE Remote Experience you are actually playing our onsite escape rooms, just online. Each game connects your team to a live Host and remote Avatar-Operative who is physically locked inside one of our actual onsite escape rooms. Players experience these rooms through Zoom (or similar) and by working together inside our online interactive game dashboard.

With a LIVE Remote Experience your friends, family or coworkers can connect and play any of our onsite highly rated immersive games from anywhere in the world. It’s almost like being in the actual room, and in some ways it’s even better. Create fun memories together online by scheduling a virtual event for your team!

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Escape Room Data ranked us #1 out of 25 best online escape rooms in 2022!

TeamBuilding ™ recently named us as one of the best virtual escape rooms in 2020!

The California Herald wrote about Escape Experience and this new trend in virtual escape room gaming.

Pizzatime described Escape Experience as one of the most sophisticated and best virtual escape room games online.


    Here’s how it works:
    Connect to the Zoom (or another preferred video conferencing service) meeting using the connection link we email you. An Escape Experience game host will join your meeting at your scheduled game time and send everyone a link to access your virtual games inventory system (this is where the 3D spherical images and clue items will appear). Next, your game host will explain the rules and objectives and then connect you with your live remote operative already locked inside the room you will be playing in. Finally, the clock starts counting down, and the game begins as you play, work, and laugh your way throughout the whole experience.

    Do you have what it takes to accomplish the mission and lead your remote operative to freedom?

    How does the centralized virtual game inventory system work?
    The clock is ticking as you attempt to command your live remote operate to explore each space he enters. 3D spherical imagery of each physical room is transmitted to a centralized game inventory system that together each player views and explores in their web browsers. As you and your team experience the physical world from your operative’s perspective, you’ll unlock new rooms, lead your operative forward, and together find new items that will ultimately bring you closer to your goal. Each time your operative enters a new space, new 3D spherical imagery is sent and new photos of each new item you find also appear. Your team can inspect these items together, and in some cases, even move these items virtually to solve puzzles or determine their meaning and use. In doing so, each player works together to provide instructions to their operative and ultimately lead him or her to accomplish their mission and escape the room.

    The Bunker Virtual Escape Room Inventory
    C-Block Prison Break Virtual Escape Room Game Inventory System
    Vaccine Zombie Experience - Virtual Escape Game Inventory
    Runaway Train Virtual Escape Room Game Inventory System

    The virtual escape room experience concept was first introduced during the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020 and born out of two common needs. First, the need for people to connect with the family and friends they love (in NYC, LA, the UK, etc.) during the government-mandated city/state lockdowns. Secondly, the financial need of escape room company owners to stay in business while no one is traveling. Escape Experience was the first company (that we know of) to introduce the virtual escape room game concept with both a live remote operative and 3D spherical imagery. The first remote virtual escape room game was played on a Sunday, March 29th, 2020 by three brothers spread across the globe in Boston – MA (USA), Nashville – TN (USA), and Sapporo, Japan. The game played was Vaccine: Search for the Cure and it was streamed out of Escape Experience’s Chattanooga, Tennessee location.

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