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LIVE Remote Experiences

Our Remote Experiences are virtual escape rooms hosted LIVE and on-site. Schedule and play together online from anywhere in the world with our LIVE hosts and avatar/operatives who are actually locked inside Escape Experience’s real escape rooms. 

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How our virtual escape rooms work.

Choose from 5 unique escape room themes!

What’s a Virtual Escape Room?

  • Connect your team and play together online using Zoom or any preferred video conferencing platform.
  • A host will stream LIVE video from inside the escape room and you can instruct them to interact with items in the room.
  • Explore 360° images of the room while simultaneously seeing each teammate’s mouse cursor and actions.
  • Scroll through the inventory area to view the clues you find. Drag & drop puzzle pieces or try codes on locks and keypads.
Virtual Escape Rooms Explained

Our advanced game dashboard and inventory system, paired alongside Zoom (or similar platform) offers you and your team the most engaging and immersive shared virtual escape room experience available anywhere online.

Event Flow

Activity Time
Introductions and Instructions 5 Minutes
Gameplay 45 – 60 Minutes
Team Photo and Debrief 5 Minutes

When you play a LIVE Remote Experience you are actually playing our onsite escape rooms, just online. Each game connects your team to a live Host and remote Avatar-Operative who is physically locked inside one of our actual onsite escape rooms. Players experience these rooms through Zoom (or similar) and by working together inside our online interactive game dashboard.

With a LIVE Remote Experience your friends, family or coworkers can connect and play any of our onsite highly rated immersive games from anywhere in the world. It’s almost like being in the actual room, and in some ways it’s even better. Create fun memories together online by scheduling a virtual event for your team!

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Escape Room Data ranked us #1 out of 25 best online escape rooms in 2022!

TeamBuilding ™ recently named us as one of the best virtual escape rooms in 2020!

The California Herald wrote about Escape Experience and this new trend in virtual escape room gaming.

Pizzatime described Escape Experience as one of the most sophisticated and best virtual escape room games online.

Room Escape Artist recommends The Vaccine to puzzle-focused players intrigued by the adrenaline rush of light horror!


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